We will welcome you in our big family

The Agricultural business “Sa Mandra” was established in 1993 to offer an interesting gastronomic itinerary of tastes from across the island.

The family comes from the inland of the island from an area called the Barbagia.

This part of Sardinia has often been the home of the true Sardinian traditions.

Rita and Mario decided to buy the land here near to Alghero after a family holiday to the coast one summer.
“Almost thirty years ago we left Fonni –explain Rita and Mario– our birth town and we moved to this region, La Nurra, near Alghero, taking the affection from our native place and the love for our origins with us.

Our lives have been made even happier with the birth of our kids first, and the birth of our nephews Fabrizio, Adrian and Francesca more recently.

We both belong to families from agro-pastoral communities that moved to the same area in the northern Sardinia”. Before starting this business Mario was a builder and Rita ran a clothes shop. They have both adapted and completely changed their lives to run the farm a restaurant which has become very popular with locals and visitors. The company is immersed in a patchwork of countryside, which includes a large olive grove; pastures dedicated to sheep farming and children’s play areas.

The agriturismo is at the heart of the estate and has been built according to the rural traditions. The “pinnettos” stone buildings with thatched roofs are similar to the old shepherds huts which were used to store farming equipment and were also a shelter for the shepherds whilst they worked out in the fields. These “pinnettos” can still be seen on the island as you head inland.

The other rooms and areas of the Agriturismo are decorated and furnished with Sardinian artifacts. Old Farming equipment, traditional Sardinian ceramics, rugs, murals and baskets.

The plants found around the property are also typical of the island and highlight the Sardinian culture. “We took our culture from Barbagia with us –tell Rita and Mario- and we use it as distinctive mark to run our business: the farm stay Sa Mandra” (mandra stands for a circular paddock that shepherds used to build in order to confine sheep for milking). “Over the last 25 years we have asserted ourselves in this field, improving and increasing the range of services we are able to offer, thanks to our qualified staff (of 10-20 people depending the season)”.

Sa Mandra currently offers accommodation and restaurant, with menus based on traditional recipes from Barbagia region.

80% of the food served at the Agriturismo is produced organically on the farm. The other 20% come from local farmers in the area. The wines served are all locals.

During the day the estates organizes workshops for the local school children to educate them on farming and agriculture so that they can be involved in the traditional farming methods and to maintain the local culture: “we then decided to promote a didactic offer that would include farm activities, for students to appreciate the importance of the natural environment, the farm life, to give the right value to organic food and to rural traditions and local cultures”.
Azienda Sa Mandra Rita E  Mario
Azienda Sa Mandra
Agriturismo Sa Mandra La Famiglia
Today everyone is involved in the running of the business. Mario and his youngest son Giuseppe always takes cares of roasting the pigs on the open fire: “we still cook the meat in traditional way: this task was usually carried out only by men in Barbagia”, so here Mario and Giuseppe perpetuate this tradition and they cook the meat in the big outdoor fireplace. This takes 5 hours on average. The meat is very fresh, it is usually butchered 2 days before being cooked to allow the meat to dry and have a better flavor. You will not find another agroturismo in the area which cooks the meat on the spit as it is a tradition from the Barbagia. Rita makes all the pasta and is in charge of the kitchen, all the cakes and biscuits are homemade along with the jams and marmalades. Maria Grazia takes care of the day to day running of the business and runs the restaurant, taking care of the guests and ensuring they have a pleasant evening and enjoy the food. She has studied and worked abroad for many years and has returned to ensure the family business continues to be a success. Michele breads Sardinian Arabo horses and runs a stable close by. Horse riding can be organized for clients with trekking on the beach at Porto Ferro or also in the natural park area of Porto Conte for more experienced riders. Guests can buy their homemade cheeses, cured meats, jams and Sardinian biscuits…

Sa Mandra is a small open-air museum, a farm transformed into a small village where you can breathe the air of ancient Sardinia and you will be welcomed, as it would do a local family.

Sa Mandra | Azienda Agrituristica

Sa Mandra | Azienda Agrituristica
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