Things to do in Sa Mandra

This agriturismo is also a teaching farm, which invites children and young people to collect herbs, milk the animals or make bread and cheese.
For adults there are opportunities to do Sardinian cookery classes with wine pairings and tastings.

Cooking Classes

The cooking classes are based on the preparation of typical Sardinian recipes.

A cooking course banning incomprehensible professional techniques because approaches the “everyday” cuisine.

If you need 'straight' and advice, we give you Rita email. She is pleased to assist you in your culinary 'experiments'.

Duration: about 2 hours.
Cost: € 80 per person (course + tasting lunch).
Number of participants: minimum 4 - maximum 15

All courses must be booked in advance. 

Didactic Farm

Sa Mandra is also a place of active teaching where children, teens, families, teachers and educators can live experience in the agro-pastoral world.

The intent of our educational farms is to increase the knowledge of the world of farmer and shepherd, a world so vague and distant to “citizens”. Living an experience - milking, baking bread, collecting herbs - is important to creating a healthy relationship with nature and the products that nourish us.

Educational farms are suitable for students of all ages and groups of children, families and adults.

For information on all our courses visit our blog:

Farm guided Tours

If you want to know more about our farm, let us guide you on a tour, take part in our activities and enjoy a tasting of our food: two types of cheese (pecorino and ricotta), and two types of salumi (ham and sausage), accompanied by traditional bread (pane carasau) and local wine (Cannonau and Vermentino).

Duration: about 2 hours.
Cost: € 35 per person.
Participants: minimum 5 - maximum 15

The visit must be booked in advance. 

Sa Mandra | Azienda Agrituristica

Sa Mandra | Azienda Agrituristica

Str. Provinciale 44, km 1

Su Passu | Wellness Country Resort

Str. Provinciale 44, km 6

07041 Alghero (SS)

Sardegna | Italia

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