“The traditional cuisine”

"We consider our farm a place of personal and professional growth, where we can transmit knowledge and traditions of our land. I will guide you with experience, smile and lots of patience on a journey to discovering the popular cuisine, the ‘homemade' cuisine: from traditional bread to fresh pasta, to typical sweets.” Rita

The cooking classes are based on the preparation of typical Sardinian recipes. A cooking course banning incomprehensible professional techniques because approaches the “everyday” cuisine. After the course you taste what you’ve prepared and you receive a certificate of participation. If you need 'straight' and advice, we give you Rita email. She is pleased to assist you in your culinary 'experiments'.


Duration: about 3 hours.

Cost: € 30 per person (only course); € 60 per person (course + tasting lunch).

All courses must be booked in advance.

Number of participants: minimum 4 - maximum 20


“Traditional use of herbs for the welfare, health and beauty”

A series of meetings and excursions in nature to learn how to find, collect, transform and use medicinal plants and herbs. An expert local guide will take you on a journey through tradition and science to better enjoy nature, to take what it’s useful and to prepare infusions, decoctions, oil and alcoholic herbalist preparation. At the end of the meetings, participants receive lecture notes and useful recipes.


Duration: about 5 hours.

Cost: € 20 per person (only course); € 45 per person (course + tasting lunch).

All courses must be booked in advance.

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